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The Simply Sweatercoat Giveaway #bloggeropportunity

on February 1, 2013
That's right, lovelies. This one is another one-of-a-kind Visionary Bri giveaway.
This time, I've partnered with the lovely Michelle over at Simply Recreated on Etsy. And this giveaway is a doozy.
One winner will receive a sweatercoat of their choice from Simply Recreated.

You heard that right – your very own sweatercoat! 

To just buy a sweatercoat (other names being "dream coat" or "elf coat,") 
they range in price from $150, all the way up to $500. 
If you haven't seen these creations, let me just show you how lovely they are.
This one is the one that Michelle made for me, Visionary Bri. Isn't it lovely?
A pure vision from a dream! They're made from all sorts of upcycled materials. Mine even has cashmere in it.
Do you like ombre? Then check this coat out! This is one of the coats available from Simply Recreated.
Maybe you're a bit more woodsy. If so, then you'll love Simply Recreated's "Autumn" coat.
It is truly a privileged to be able to offer this giveaway to our readers.
Bloggers, make sure to take advantage of this giveaway.
This kind of prize doesn't come around often!
Requirements to Join:
Post an announcement or pay $5 fee
No more than 2 blogs per person allowed
You will have one free link in exchange for posting an announcement. Your choice of Facebook or Twitter.
Agree to post the giveaway html at least 24 hours after giveaway begins.
Promote this giveaway at least 3 times a week – It will only run for 2 weeks and you can promote anywhere – your site, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – wherever you'd like.

Payments accepted:
Paypal accepted – brifloorwilson@gmail.com

If you are interested in Co-hosting:
Your blog is included as co-host via link in event post, first link free and receive your choice of 2nd Link for $10.00 – Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, you name it!

NOTICE – All Facebook links will be on a rafflecopter form – not dry listed as boxes or links.

Giveaway will run Febuary 11th at midnight to Febuary 25th at midnight.

Signup is Here

HTML for Announcement is Here

For any further questions, please feel free to email me at brifloorwilson@gmail.com 



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