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Son’s First Lesson Being Frugal

on February 3, 2013

My son, Kaiden is a sweet, rambunctious five-year old boy. He learned his first lesson in being frugal.  I'm in no way frugal but since my unemployment from the working force, I had to cut down on some expenses.  I still bought my favorite washing detergent because I know it works but had to try some store-brand grocery items to help cut down on the food costs. 

We went out grocery shopping yesterday and Kai decided he wanted a Kraft's Lunchable, the well-known cracker, meat, cheese, and drink combo. It's a quick lunch for Kaiden when we are out and about.  But, today, we were going to enjoy our Saturday at home.

So, I told him I have a better idea. He does love his lunchables though… But, I gave him my pitch anyways! 

I told him to search for the following items: crackers, provolone cheese, turkey meat slices, and the chocolate pudding that was included in the lunchable.  So, he quickly set out hunting for these items and put them in the shopping cart.

When we got home, I took out the cutting board and cuts the turkey and cheese into squares and put them on a plate with the crackers. When I brought out the chocolate pudding, he started clapping that his lunch was complete.  I have plenty of food left to make 20 more of these plates!

For lunch today, he asked for his cheese and crackers again 🙂

All in all, it was very quick to make and mommy loved the value in making more home-made lunchables and most importantly Kai saw that not everything is store-bought and ready to eat.. lol 




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