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BigCrumbs Gives You More!

on February 6, 2013

bigcrumbs beats ebates

I've been a member of BigCrumbs, simply because they give more to members.  In many more ways than other cash-back sites.  Recently, BigCrumbs introduced CrumbShares. 

No other site has introduced this.. till now!

Each time you earn cash back through BigCrumbs, you'll also earn an equivalent number of CrumbShares. For instance, when you earn $10 in cash back, you'll also receive 10 CrumbShares.  Additionally, you will receive a number of CrumbShares equivalent to 10% of the cash back earned by your direct referrals. For example, when your referral earns $20 in cash back, you will earn 2 CrumbShares in addition to any referral commissions.

So, what does all this CrumbShares mean and why is SingleMommies so excited about it?  Well, in the event that BigCrumbs is acquired by another company, you may redeem your CrumbShares for a percentage of the cash compensation that BigCrumbs receives. Don't worry they are not selling yet. But, if and when they do the members share a profit of the proceeds depending on their total CrumbShares!

  BigCrumbs Ebates
Number of Stores 1500+ 1500+
Company Mission Share company growth and profits with members "Standard" corporate profit machine that puts its investors first.
Highest Overall Cash Back YES!
Tracking Guarantee YES!
Community Deal Sharing YES!
Referral Program Pays forever each time your referrals shop. Unlimited Potential. Pays small one-time fee only on select referrals
Payment Frequency Monthly (get paid 3x faster) Every 3 months
Payment Minimum $1.00 $5.01


eBates? WHY?? Big Crumbs is so much better. Shop Smart & Save Big!!

Click here and see for yourself.. You are going to love it!


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