Kaiden & Mommy

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I am a Mom

on February 8, 2013

Am I an empty-nester?   I was for a short time before I decided to be a mother again.  My oldest children are a 26-year old son and a 25-year old daughter.  When the last one left, I did not do too good on the empty nest thing.  A big chunk of my life was missing.  I had no excited anticipated announcements, no teenage emergencies to handle, no single mom craziness.  I thrived in single mom craziness, it made me push myself further to become the person I am now.   I tried as best as I could to occupy my time but that wasn’t my life. I made the decision to be a mother again and now have a rambunctious five-year old son.  People often ask me if my child was an accident.  He certainly wasn’t!  He was planned and I absolutely love the decision I made.  I am brought back to see how amazing the world looks like to young boy’s eyes.


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