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I am a $200 Amazon Gift Card Winner at AppetiteSuppressants.com!

Wow!  I was very surprised to receive this email in my inbox today…

Hello Juana, Congratulations! You’ve been selected as our AppetiteSuppressants.com $200 Amazon Gift Card Winner! In order for you to claim your prize we will need a response. If you could contact us by simply stating that you have received this email we will happily send you the $200 Amazon Giftcard.  If we do not receive a reply within 3 days you will forfeit all winnings and a new winner will be selected.
Thank you, AppetiteSuppressants.com Success Team

Did I reply to the email, you betcha!  I half-thought if this was one of those many spam emails I usually get.  But, I did a quick research and I had definitely liked them on Facebook and AppetiteSuppressants even posted about announcing me as the winner (https://www.facebook.com/pages/AppetiteSuppressantscom/398310530183888).  Well, the $200 Gift Card has already been applied to my Amazon Account.. ready and waiting for my next purchase! 🙂

I see that they have another giveaway ending 1/31/13

Prize. The Winning entrant will receive one (1) Amazon Gift Card in value of one hundred dollars ($100).

You’ve received a $200.00 Amazon.com Gift Card!
Amazon.com Gift Card
amazon.com gift card logo

Claim Code:
Dear Juana, Congratulations, again! You’ve been chosen to receive this $200 Amazon Giftcard! If you have any questions please let us know at facebook@appetitesuppressants.com. Thank you for your support! AppetiteSuppressants.com



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Zoobie Blanket Pet – Mashaka the Monkey

12/28/12 We won a Zoobie Blanket Pet after Christmas.

My son picked Mashaka the Monkey!  We picked it up from the UPS terminal this Saturday (1/12/13).

mashakaZoobies Blanket pets

I have bought the knock-offs before and you do get what you paid for.  I can honestly say that Zoobies is the number one leader in craftsmanship.  Just feeling the material and looking at all the details in the Zoobie I was impressed.  Mashacka the Monkey was delivered by the Zoobies Company.  My son Kai absolutely loves his Zoobie Mashaka!

The entire Zoobie Collection can be found at http://zoobies.com/

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